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Tridion Weekly Newsletter - Monday, October 20, 2014

Tridion newsletter

Top new questions this week:

404s appearing in console when loading XPM

When we load our pages in XPM the browser console appears to be showing several 404s for resources: ...

experience-manager dd4t 2013-sp1  
asked by Neil 7 votes
answered by Rogier Oudshoorn 5 votes

How to get Contextual Image Delivery to deliver an image with specific aspect ratio regardless of source image size?

I am using the scale function of CID to deliver images cropped to a specific aspect ratio, in order that they 'fit' in a certain web design. For example if I want to have a 'hero' image on certain ...

asked by Will Price 6 votes
answered by Bengineer 3 votes

Unpublishing a page was a "success" but it really wasn't

WE tried to unpublish a page from the CME in Tridion 2013 & it was marked successful. However, the unpublish was not successful because the page is still in the Broker DB. How do we get rid of ...

2013 publishing 2013-sp1 deployer  
asked by Mr Smith 4 votes
answered by Jonathan Williams 2 votes

Migrating content from filesystem to database without deleting them from the filesystem

We have a website that uses static content from Tridion published to the filesystem. We are working on changing it over to a DD4T website with content from Tridion being published to the Database. ...

2011 dd4t  
asked by Anindita Pal 3 votes
answered by Jonathan Williams 2 votes

What is the fastest way to delete a already published publication?

I have a publication which has multiple component and pages published. I have a requirement to delete this publication. Is there any way I can delete this without un-publishing the component and ...

publishing 2013-sp1  
asked by Jitender sharma 3 votes
answered by Pankaj Gaur 6 votes

How to check that component is multimedia component in Tridion GUI extension?

I using next code to check that item is component: $models.getItemType(itemId) == $const.ItemType.COMPONENT It work fine for me, but I need to check that given component is multimedia component, ...

cme gui-extensions  
asked by Vitaliy 2 votes
answered by Harald Hoffelinck 3 votes

Polling for notification for destination: has exceeded polling attempts for transaction

I am trying to publish a dynamic component which has around 150 multimedia component links and around 20 dynamic component links. In short, the single publish transaction is supposed to publish 170 ...

2013-sp1 deployer  
asked by user1035 2 votes
answered by Pankaj Gaur 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Unable to load DLL 'xmogrt': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)

We are deploying a DotNet website managed using SDL Tridion 2013. We need to deploy the website on two web servers (web1 & web2) load balanced using a NLB. The CMS is set to publish files through ...

2013 cme  
asked by Abdul Qadir 8 votes
answered by Dominic Cronin 3 votes

Chrome 36 with Tridion 2011 or 2013

We've seen the following issues with Chrome 36 and Tridion 2011 and Tridion 2013: Component presentations are not displayed when viewing a page in the CME. Cannot create a new component. HTTP ...

2011 2013 chrome  
asked by JRW 17 votes
answered by Pankaj Gaur 12 votes

Can you answer these?

How to use user ID(not cookie) to personalize content

I'm trying to personalize content by using "Profiling and personalization". By default, Tridion seems to use cookie to identify visitor, but I want to personalize content by login user ID(not cookie). ...

2013-sp1 profiling personalization  
asked by Hirokazu Shikata 1 vote

What does XPM use for Default Content Types?

I want to confirm behavior I'm seeing in XPM. Edit XPM page with three Promos. Remove Component Presentation Promo 1 (XPM saves changes) Create and Insert New Content It seems XPM uses the last ...

asked by Alvin Reyes 1 vote
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